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March 24-26, 2025, Rome, Italy

CPAC Rome Meeting 2019


 CPAC / MK Optimization and Control Rome Workshop

March 25-27, 2019 Rome, Italy


Utilization of new concepts in developing next generation materials, as well as exploring new reaction routes that benefit from the growing use of continuous flow technology


      As the demand for sustainable materials grow new approaches are being developed to utilize biobased materials which have very different chemistries from petrochemical feedstocks.  Initially the effort was to convert biobased materials to hydrocarbon like feedstocks.  However, new approaches are taking advantage of the distinct properties of biobased materials to develop new generations of platform chemicals as well as new materials with advanced properties.  The meeting will add a focus on next generation materials as well as continuing to explore new reaction routes that benefit from the growing use of continuous flow technology concepts. 

      The evolution of flow microscale reaction technology has led to a wide range of process intensification developments in the various steps of manufacturing that result in the ability to rapidly evaluate and optimize new reaction routes as well as offering more cost effective processing.  The key next step is the integration of these unit operations into end-to-end optimized continuous processes.

      Presentations on industrial case studies in flow technology for manufacturing are welcomed as are advances in all phases of flow processing, which could include developments in the use of unique unit operations or chemistries for biomass processing, or the use of extruders for solventless processing, or homogeneous or nanoscale catalysis, or the integration and use of new approaches in separations and purifications in flow chemistry.  In addition, presentations on new concepts in the rapidly developing area of continuous fermentation are welcomed.  Since process modeling is a key part of flow chemistry, presentations on new developments in the use of process modeling to integrate and operate unit operations are also encouraged.

         Advances in the use of process analytics to insure optimum performance in these developments will be presented and discussed as it offers the way to effectively integrate these advances and tie them into the new process models.           

        CPAC has an established track record in fostering academic and industrial interactions - to bridge the gap between basic research and full-scale process / product development. The official language for the workshop will be English. The registration fee will be $700 USD. For more information please see Rome Workshop 2019 or contact Mel Koch or Nan Holmes.

Rome Workshop Organizers: Ray Chrisman and Mel Koch, MK Optimization and Control LLC

Rome Workshop Advisory Steering Committee: Giancarlo Cravotto, U Turin; Claude De Bellefon, U Lyon; Ludo Diels, VITO; Volker Hessel, U Eindhoven; Simone Maccagnan, Gimac Microextruders; Peter Poechlauer, Pantheon Fine Chemicals; Kurt VandenBussche, UOP; Paul Watts, Nelson Mandela U, Frank Gupton Virginia Commonwealth U, Brian Marquardt, U Washington and MarqMetrix.

Mel Koch or Nan Holmes, MKOptandControl@gmail.com, +1 206 992 1001